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A study of 910 Finnish children showed a link between diet at a young age and the risk of developing asthma.

Out of the 910 children, 182 had asthma. The rest were part of a control group. Researchers looked at 3-day food diaries of the children.

The results indicated that limiting cow’s milk because of dairy allergy “significantly increases and mediates the association between food consumption and childhood asthma risk.”

The study looked at what children ate early in life (before age 4). Results indicated that consuming:

  • Cow's milk was associated with a lower risk of allergic asthma
  • Breast milk was associated with a lower risk of non-allergic asthma
  • Oats was associated with a lower risk of  non-allergic asthma
  • Fish was associated with a lower risk of all types of asthma


The study was published in the December 2015 edition of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

If you have an infant, talk with your child's doctor about which foods to add to their diet and how early those foods should be introduced.

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