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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is sharing this press release from the 2017 ACAAI Scientific Annual Meeting to bring you the latest research news quickly. 


Dogs May Protect Against Childhood Eczema and Asthma

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My parents had a dog for a couple years before I was even born. As soon as I was brought home I started to show signs of allergies. Allergic to milk was the first one .By the time I was 3 years I was having asthma flared and had a severe attack that kept me in the hospital for about a week. The only thing that helped me was removing the pet from the home. 

Marie E Natzke

I totally understand your thoughts ... we've lived with pets since before DD came home, and she has allergies and eczema and asthma.

I think it's important for parents to talk to their allergists and get the recommendations for their individual situation. Research, however, can show us the big picture and possibly lead to more understanding.

Last edited by K8sMom2002

this has not proven to be true  in our home.  We had a dog since before my daughter (asthmatic) was born, and when she was tested for many types of airborne allergies, dogs were the ONLY thing that came back red flagged!   Shows the research changes all the time in what they tell you.  Be careful telling people this info!  Could do more harm than good!

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