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Recall Alert: Walgreens Warm Steam Personal Steam Inhaler

Bigwall Enterprises of Clarendon Hills, IL, issued a Class II voluntary recall of a personal steam inhaler sold at Walgreens.

The product is called the "WARM STEAM Personal Steam Inhaler."

imagesProduct labeling reads in part: "Well at Walgreens***WARM Helps relieve symptoms of stuffy nasal passages, congestion or scratchy throats due to cold, flu or allergies." It also reads: "Adjustable control to regulate flow of steam; Soft touch facial & nasal masks."

Reason for recall: "The public reason for the recall is that the product is being recalled out of an abundance of caution due to one or more consumer complaints, which have been independently investigated and remain unconfirmed. No causal connection between the complaints and the product's proper use as instructed have been determined."

Affected product:

Model: PJ1011

Item: 366596

UPC code: 31191717008

Lot No. 08/14: 45,228pcs

Lot No. 12/14: 21,096pcs

Lot No. 01/15: 14,220pcs

Lot No. 03/15: 20,040pcs

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