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There is a new drug available for children with uncontrolled asthma caused by airborne allergens.

Xolair is already approved for people, ages 12 and older, with moderate to severe asthma.

It belongs to a class of drugs called biologics. It is given in a doctor’s office by injection. The FDA recently approved it for children between ages 6 and 11 whose asthma is not controlled with other long-term medications.

Approval makes Xolair the only biologic for children with uncontrolled allergic asthma. Having allergic asthma means allergens trigger your asthma symptoms.

“Asthma affects more than six million children and is the third leading cause of hospital stays for kids,” said Cary Sennett, MD, PhD, President and CEO of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “Uncontrolled allergic asthma is a significant burden for these children and their families.”

For more information about this approval, read Genentech's press release:

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Jade just started her first round of Xolair Injections this past week.  She's SO brave! But...I have to admit...It was a bittersweet moment; watching her sit there, calm, asking the nurse to count slowly for her, watching the needle, as she was given both injections. Outside of respectfully saying that it "kind of hurt, a lot", she didn't complain, or cry, or move, or refuse, or scream...she just sat still and watched!  As a mom, this was a like a dream come first. [{Sidebar} At this moment, I feel like it is important to share these next real, rollercoaster emotions, in order to process and praise our experiences.]  So...

Suddenly, something slowly, started to fill up inside me. This feeling of heartache. My heart ached for Jade; this "just turned" 7 year old little girl, my baby, who has already experienced so many injections, shots, IVs, and blood draws that she could just sit there, calmer than most adults (definitely calmer than her own mother) during not only one but TWO injections! I started to feel my eyes burn, as I pushed back the pain to keep from having my eyes well up with tears.  I mean, seriously!  My 7 year old got 2 shots, and her mother is crying!  It's just humorously crazy.  It almost felt selfish. To feel sad for her.  I mean, she wasn't sad for herself.  She chose with me and her doctor.  She asked questions, "big girl" questions about Xolair.  She knew that she was saying yes to biweekly injections.  She doesn't like it by any means!  But she IS a fighter.  She was given a heart of gold, the strength of a hundred and perseverance only God could have hand woven into her very essence.  

So, I realize now, how blessed we are, Jade is, to have been gifted this experience with severe asthma and allergies. To have been given the opportunity, with this new approved age limit, for Xolair.  To have crossed paths with so many wonderful and inspiring doctors, nurses, specialist, and strangers.  To share how kids can advocate for others and contribute so much to our society, even though they are just kids.  We are blessed to have been chosen to share our experience and learn from others.  

The Xolair injections are a whole new world for us, adding to the 10 medications Jade currently takes.  They are a whole new commitment, every 2 weeks, for an undetermined amount of time.  They are a whole new path on JadesJourney.  We would love to hear from others about your experiences.  Jade would love to know if there are any other "little kids" like her, that are using Xolair.  We are so hopeful that Xolair will be the breakthrough, that breaks down the barrier, to living without limits!


Welcome, SGP8136! I am hoping that your daughter will do well on the Xolair and will see improvements! Please know that you guys aren't alone as you go along ... you'll find plenty of support on AAFA's Asthma Support Community


Thank you for sharing your experience. My 10 year old is going to be starting Xolair very soon, we finally got the approval from our insurance. I’m hoping this is just what she needs. She has been hospitalized so many times and is constantly absent from school because of her asthma not to mention all the steroids she’s taken. We’ve tried so many different preventative medications and it just isn’t enough. I hope all goes well and there aren’t any side effects the possibility of that is frightening with the need of the epi pen etc. I appreciate hearing real stories of other children’s experiences it puts my mind at ease. 


I totally get what you're saying here, @JadesJourney ... fingers crossed that these shots will give her some control over her asthma that has been lacking! WTG on you helping guide her so that she CAN ask those "big girl" questions about the medications she's on. Hang tight, Mama!

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