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Jen posted:

Hi Cindy,

Welcome to AAFA's online community.  What allergies do you manage?

Thank you Jen!! I am allergic to a variety of tress and grasses that grow in Arkansas. They are year around trees.  Pollen, mold and dust peak high for me. My main issues is voiding a flare of Asthma attack. Strong smells, or any above, smoke etc can cause be to have an attack.  Not allergic to pet dander.. Yea! I do have a hypo-allergic puppy! Maltice Yorkie Mix.. , Humidity is hard, flowers blooming difficult.  We owed a large poultry operation for years. I was out doors all the time. Feathers peaked high on my allergy test. I have had to make adjustments. Let people know where I am at. They have also had to learn the importance of Astma Allergies especially since this is adult onset.  Thank you so much .. Yes I try to keep my medical list on my phone and spirometer readings using the app.  

#Asthma and Allergies has changed my Life as an Adult. # Allergic Asthma allergic to grasses, year around trees, smoke, dust, strong odors feathers etc. causing inflammation of the throat and No oxygen. PLAN OF ACTION 1) emergency medicine with me at all times rescue inhaler Epipen, take medicine regular, see your doctor, use the air conditioner in autos and home, Hepa filter for house and portable home hepa filter, use the breathing treatments if needed, Wear mask if needed, take flu shot and other shots prescribed by doctor, Dust free home very important my husband helps me with this❀️ #TackleAsthma #TackleAllergies By doing these things I have less trips to the ER and quality time with my family #contest

Thanks CConatser


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