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Way to go, Travys! For me, a half foot off the ground is too much! And way to go, mom -- you are an inspiration to us all!

We've got a discussion going on about what people say when you tell them that you or your kiddo has asthma ... what sort of reactions have you gotten? How have people been helpful about Travys' asthma?

Great action pic! Thanks for sharing! 


Grace: seasonal allergies, asthma

Josh: allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, asthma

Bekah: allergic to most foods, currently eating peaches, pears, apples and bacon, asthma, g-j tube fed, portacath for hydration

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This is my youngest son,  Travys. He was born after his oldest sister died from an asthma attack.  Travys was not expected to live passed his 5th birthday due to the severity of his asthma diagnosis.  He turned 12 on March 9. This  picture was taken as he overcame his fears and went for a climb at the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Melissa Calvert 

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