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Hi, @Martha Anne ... the flu virus IS a sturdy thing. The CDC says that the flu virus can live on a solid surface for 24 hours, but it's also important to remember HOW the flu gets past our defenses.

A big part of that is how often we touch our eyes, nose and mouth, and also how close we are to people. Frequent hand washing and avoiding touching anything "north of the chin" are what my doc recommends. 

I remembered exactly how hard that was this weekend when I attended a college tour this weekend with my daughter. I can't count the times I realized my fingers were going toward my eye to rub an itch!


Totally understand that @Martha Anne! The recirculated air and close proximity to potentially sick people was a huge concern. The mask definitely helped to keep me from touching my face and spreading germs there.

I also had packs of wipes and hand sanitizer. I carefully wiped down my personal space - arm rests, back of the seat, tray table - before I sat down. Any time I went to the rest room, I slathered in hand sanitizer. Also wiped down things in the hotel rooms like door handles, TV remote, faucets.

So far, I've done a cross country flight, 2 train segments, numerous cab rides and am on the 3rd hotel! *knock on wood* no problems so far!

Kathy P
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