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Re: Should You Have Pets If You Have a Pet Allergy?

Shea ·
No. You shouldn't. It is basically abuse to the allergic person. I have been the allergic person and it got so bad that after chronic exposure even doing all the strategies above and with antihistamines I developed asthma symtoms and shortly after went to the hospital because I thought I was having an asthma atrack turns out it was a heart attack caused by allergic blood cells called eosinophils surrounding my heart and choking it. I was diagnosed with a severe chronic allergic disease. My...
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Should You Have Pets If You Have a Pet Allergy?

AAFA Community Services ·
Even those many people have a pet allergy, they aren’t willing to give up their pets. In the article “My Cat Allergy Is Killing Me, but Cupcake Stays,” the Wall Street Journal talks about people are keeping their pets even though their dander cause sniffling, sneezing and even asthma symptoms.