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Holiday decorations make your home fun and festive. But they can also bring in asthma triggers and allergens. How do you deck the halls while keeping a healthy home?

Here are five asthma & allergy friendly® tips for a healthier home for the holidays.

  1. Wear a mask while dusting off decorations. Dust them outside or in your garage to prevent bringing dust in the house.
  2. Think about your allergies and asthma triggers when choosing a holiday tree or wreath. Real live trees and wreaths can have pollen and mold spores all over them. But fake trees can be covered in dust and irritants.
  3. If you have pets, clean your floors often with a CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® vacuum. If your pets are inside more because of colder weather, so is more of their dander and fur.
  4. Remove your shoes at the door so you don’t bring mold and pollen into your home.
  5. Use CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® air cleaners to help remove dust and other particles from the air in rooms with a lot of decorations. Good indoor air ventilation is also important to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (the virus that causes COVID-19).

Have a Healthier Home All Year Long

Our Healthier Home Checklist has interactive tips to help you learn ways to improve your indoor air quality and reduce asthma and allergy triggers in each room of your home. Roll over each room of the house for tips for each area of your home.



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Shea - we do something similar with our live tree each year. We bring it home (this year it was curbside delivery!) and set it up on the deck outside in the tree stand. Then we give it a good shake (I stay in the house for this) and hose it down. We let it dry overnight before bringing it into the house.

I'm not allergic to pine so it's more pollens and mold that might be clinging to the branches/needles. This seems to be sufficient for me.

For artificial trees, off season storage is going to be important. Keeping things in bins or containers that minimize dust and other things getting in as well as storing in a place that doesn't promote mold growth.

Kathy P

Always a good reminder! How do you clean outdoor and/or indoor trees?

I hosed my outdoor house plant (A Norfolk Pine-- it isn't a true pine so Im hoping it isn't adding to my allergy issues like true pines might). I hosed it off really good and let it dry under my carport for a few days before I brought it in. It can hold small, light decorations/ornaments.

I purchased a small fake tabletop tree this year. Im thinking each year I will use a wet soapy cloth and wipe each branch with it as I open ut up. Maybe bring it outside while I do that then bring it in after it dries.

I wish I had like a shower-sized sanitation chamber to put things in that would like... Vacuum and steam them all! Im going to try to pack them up well in plastic zippered bags... That is the plan at least.

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