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For kids, a new school year can be an exciting time. For parents and caregivers, a new school year may come with questions and checklists, especially if your child has asthma. With the help of your child’s asthma care team, you can create a plan of action for a successful year.

Watch the replay of our webinar titled, "A Parent’s Guide to Asthma Care at School."

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During the webinar, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) talked about:

  • What should be in your asthma school toolkit
  • Establishing an asthma care team
  • Communicating with your child’s health care provider, school nurse, and teacher
  • Advocating for your child

Speakers for this webinar were AAFA’s Public Health Manager Stacey Denham, MSW, MPH, and AAFA’s Asthma and Respiratory Health Programs Manager Jessica Jackson MPH, RRT, AE-C.

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