AAFA Blog Named One of Best Asthma Blogs of 2018


We are proud to announce that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s blog has again been named one of the best asthma blogs by Healthline in 2018! Healthline is a health site with information on many health topics.

We could not have received this honor without all of our supporters and members. Our blog will continue to bring you information about asthma and allergic diseases like:

  • The latest asthma and allergy news and research
  • Advocacy alerts on issues that affect people with asthma and allergies
  • Resources and tips for managing allergic diseases
  • Inspiring stories about people who don't let their asthma define them
  • Medicine recalls
  • Announcements about special events like webinars and chats

Keep watching our blog for more information, news and research on managing asthma and allergies. Join our online discussion forums to talk with others managing these conditions. Thank you for helping us offer life-saving asthma and allergy resources!


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Consultation with an asthma specialist is recommended if your child is 4 years old or younger and has asthma symptoms every day and three to four nights or more a month. It should be considered if your child has symptoms three days or more a week and one to two nights a month.

Although asthma symptoms are controllable, a cure for asthma has remained elusive. Preventive treatment should minimize the difficulties caused by asthma and allow a normal, active lifestyle.

Congrats for this achievement,Asthma can usually be managed with rescue inhalers to treat symptoms (salbutamol) and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms (steroids). Severe cases may require longer-acting inhalers that keep the airways open (formoterol, salmeterol, tiotropium), as well as inhalant steroids. There are lots meds and solutions available.