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Long before Dr. Cary Sennett came to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) as its President and CEO, he was something else – an avid tandem bicycle rider.

Now, Cary and his wife Sara are about to bike through Michigan. They are partnering with AAFA’s Michigan Chapter, to raise awareness (and funds) to improve the lives of people with asthma in Michigan and across the country.

Michigan has nearly a million people with asthma. About a quarter of them are children. Asthma is a main reason why children miss school, go to the emergency room or are hospitalized.

The Sennetts join 500 other riders for the 30th annual Shoreline West Bicycle Tour. The tour begins Sunday, August 7 in Montague. It ends—386 miles later—on Saturday, August 13 in Mackinaw City.

Cary and Sara began tandem riding 30 years ago—to stay fit and connected to each other in the face of their busy careers. It continues to be an important part of their lives.

“Riding a tandem is a lot like running a small company,” said Dr. Sennett. “It works only when the two riders are a team: working together, anticipating each other and planning ahead. Sara and I are so pleased that we’re riding this year, with the Michigan Chapter as part of the team. And so pleased that we are able to help support their great work on behalf of families living with asthma and allergies.”

AAFA Michigan focuses on educating health care providers, as well as the public.

This is Cary and Sara’s third long-distance ride for asthma and allergy awareness since Dr. Sennett joined AAFA in 2014. That year, they biked across North Carolina. They rode from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. in 2015.

You can “ride with them” by following the Sennetts' personal blog. AAFA will post photos and updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Have a suggestion for where Cary and Sara should ride in 2017? Leave a comment on our blog below!

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