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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) led a research study called Atopic Dermatitis in America. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the number of adults who deal with this frustrating skin condition. This week, AAFA has released early findings from the report.

One surprising find from the study was the number of adults with AD who say it is moderate to severe. As many as 40% of the people surveyed said they had moderate-to-severe AD.


Through this study, we hope to spread awareness about the impact AD has on adults. AD can be tough to treat. It can also greatly reduce quality of life. To people who don't have AD, this is not widely known. When developing research and treatments, it's important to study its effects so we can help people with AD find some relief. 

Download Summary Report (preliminary findings available) Download PDF

Atopic Dermatitis in America is an independent research project of AAFA in partnership with the National Eczema Association (NEA) and sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron. 

It is important to have support from others who understand what it's like to live with atopic dermatitis. Our community provides an opportunity to connect with other patients who manage these conditions for support.



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