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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) joined with PlatformQ Health and MedLive for an educational program, “Breathe Easier with Severe Asthma: the Role of Current and Future Therapies in Reducing Exacerbations and Gaining Control of Your Symptoms.” You can watch a replay of the session on demand.


During this one-hour program, two doctors, a patient, and a representative from AAFA discussed the multiple factors involved in asthma inflammation. The expert panel also reviewed:

  • How to reduce asthma triggers in your home
  • Types of asthma
  • Treatment options and side effects, including biologics
  • Strategies to communicate treatment goals to your health care providers

CME Program for Health Care Professionals Who Treat Patients With Severe Asthma

If you are a health care professional who treats patients with severe asthma, watch the replay of “Biologic Therapy for Patients with Severe Asthma: Impeding the Inflammatory Cascade” on demand.

During the session, an expert panel of clinicians and patient representatives talked about:

  • Roles of various inflammatory pathways in severe asthma
  • Mechanisms of action of various therapies and their safety and efficacy data
  • How a new treatment option targeting TSLP can be integrated into asthma management plan

Panelists shared strategies to identify patients most likely to benefit from current and emerging therapies and select the most appropriate biologic.

Watch the session on demand now!

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