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If you haven’t yet seen the program about eczema we released in fall, you can now find it on demand. Tune in to learn:

  • What causes eczema in the human body
  • What types of medicines and lifestyle habits can help manage eczema
  • How to communicate with health care professionals
  • Participate in treatment decisions
  • How to address social and financial burdens that can accompany eczema
  • Other conditions that often come along with eczema

The program features an amazing expert panel of specialists and real people who are living with eczema. Panelists include:

Peter Lio MD

Peter Lio, MD
Medical Dermatology Associates of Chicago

Lidia Pomaville PA-C

Lidia Pomaville, PA-C
Forefront Dermatology

Sanaz Eftekhari

Sanaz Eftekhari
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America


Patient Presenter

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  • Kuniko
  • Lidia Pomaville PA-C
  • Sanaz Eftekhari
  • Peter Lio MD

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