Willing to tackle the hard days!
Methacholine challenge today! Am off all inhalers and antihistamines and I want to cry because my chest is tight and am so ITCHY! #morethanasthma #morethanlergies

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Dylanco, are you still having symptoms? If you are, since your methacholine challenge was negative, could you use the discussion guide on AAFA's Is It Asthma? It has some good discussion tips on figuring out what your symptoms may mean if they are not caused by asthma.

And yay on being cleared for SCUBA training!

I hope your challenge went well! Share your results?

My methacholine challenge was negative, so no asthma diagnosis, my doctor stopped treating me for asthma symptoms, and he cleared me for SCUBA training.

Debbie Alves posted:

I both hate the drugs and the fact that I’m dependent on them, and love that they usually give me some measure of relief.  But these tests are the WORST!

I hate my dependence on drugs too, though I've found that foods seem to affect my sinus allergy symptoms the most (even more than my allergens -- dog, cat, mites, cockroaches, mold, junipers). I do not have food allergies.

Have you found that diet changes your need for drugs? I am pretty stable on just 2 daily OTC meds, down from 5 total, including 3 prescriptions, by better monitoring and controlling my diet.

 Having to go off meds for testing is miserable. I'm off antihistamines this weekend in preparation for more allergy skin testing next week. Let the  begin!

How did the challenge go? Do you have any tips for dealing with being off meds or for the challenge itself?