Improving Your Asthma and Allergy Health

The 2016 Fall Allergy Capitals: How Does Your City Rank?

On May 1, 2018, we released our Asthma Capitals™ 2018 report . Read our current report for the latest list of Asthma Capitals. Did you know that fall allergies can be just as bad as spring allergies? Our 2016 Fall Allergy Capitals TM report identifies the most challenging places to live with fall allergies among the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. This report is your guide to help prevent and manage allergy symptoms if you live in one of these cities. Here is our top five national...

Pneumonia Vaccines Critical in Saving Lives During Flu Season

Health risks from pneumonia are potentially more dangerous than those related to the flu, but large segments of the population aren't being vaccinated against it — even those at highest risk of contracting the disease. They include infants, the elderly and those with chronic respiratory problems like asthma. Streptococcus pneumoniae (“pneumococcus”) is the bacterium responsible for almost a million cases and more than 50,000 deaths from pneumonia every year — twice as many as the number of...

Staying Healthy With Asthma During Cold and Flu Season

AAFA recently hosted a Twitter chat to share tips about how to prevent getting sick during cold and flu season when you have asthma – as well as what to do if you get sick. Two of the most important things you can do to stay healthy are: Get a flu shot Wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face, so you are not infected. If you do fall ill, stay on top of your asthma action plan and call your doctor. You can download an asthma action plan from Get Smart About Asthma . This...

AAFA Explains: Will Coffee or Caffeinated Drinks Help My Asthma?

This post discusses claims that caffeine can be used to treat asthma symptoms. It is part of our “ AAFA Explains ” series looking at complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) aimed at asthma and allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) wants to guide you as you decide between choices that may be “likely safe” or “potentially unsafe.” What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic disease that causes your airways to become inflamed, making it hard to breathe. There is no cure...

Sneezing and Sniffling: How to Tell If It's Allergies or a Cold

This time of year, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between allergies and a common cold. Both allergies and cold viruses tend to become widespread at certain times of the year, which is why you may mistake a cold for seasonal allergies. Allergies and viral infections can cause rhinitis . The word rhinitis means “inflammation of the nose.” The nose produces fluid called mucus. This fluid is normally thin and clear. It helps to keep dust, debris and allergens out of the lungs.

Back-to-School: Students and Asthma Inhalers

Did you know your state allows students to self-carry a quick-relief asthma inhaler while at school? Every state has a policy that allows students in public schools to self-carry, although each has its own procedures. This applies to every state in the U.S. Now is the time of year to get your school forms signed by your child's doctor. These forms include your child's asthma action plan and medication authorization form. Asthma is the leading cause of school absences due to a chronic...