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What's the Correct Position for Injecting Epinephrine?

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Is there a specific position you should be in to inject with epinephrine? Like should your child be lying down or is sitting, ok?

First, if someone is having an anaphylactic reaction the best position to place them in is flat on the floor, ground, or exam table. Put them in the supine position with their knees bent. The supine position is when a person is laying flat on their back. This promotes good blood flow back to the heart which can improve blood pressure. Standing can make anaphylaxis worse by causing blood pressure to drop. This position also helps to hold patients very still while epinephrine is injected into the thigh. This is helpful, especially for infants and children. In addition, laying down in the supine position can help to prevent a sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate, fainting, or passing out.

Second, epinephrine can be injected in any position, laying down, sitting up, or standing. The supine position is ideal. The key message is that epinephrine is the most important emergency treatment for anaphylaxis. It needs to be given early if anaphylaxis is suspected. It is important to not delay the administration of epinephrine.

Follow the anaphylaxis plan. If you have specific questions, follow up with the doctor.

For more information about how to correctly inject epinephrine: Food Allergy FAQ: Top Questions About Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine

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