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Why Am I More Sensitive To Some Foods After My Pregnancy?

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After my pregnancy, I noticed that I have become more sensitive to certain foods. I could eat them before, without any issues. Now I have reactions. Why is this happening?

Seasonal allergies and food intolerances can increase in the post-partum period. There is no specific explanation for why this happens. More research is needed in this area.

Many changes happen in the body during pregnancy. This includes hormonal changes that return to normal after the birth of the infant. There does not appear to be an increase in the actual development of new food allergies. Reactions due to food intolerances (e.g., non-immune, adverse reactions to foods) can increase.

Discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider. If there is a concern you have developed a food allergy, meet with an allergist. This could be very useful in diagnosing a food allergy versus a food intolerance.

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John M. James, MD, is a board-certified allergist. He is also President of Food Allergy Consulting and Education Services, LLC. He has worked as a medical specialist in the field of allergy, asthma, and immunology for over 30 years. Dr. James received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas and his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee. He is board certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.

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