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Thank you for sharing your experience @Noemi! There definitely needs to be more awareness about asthma symptoms. Some people think asthma is only wheezing while others think there is no wheezing at all 😳

It's good to hear you have a solid treatment plan with your doctor now. I'm with you that it can be hard to avoid scents! Does wearing a mask help at all? May not work in every instance, but it can be a good option for some public spaces like a grocery store. One idea for events -you may be able to take your quick-relief medicine beforehand to help with any triggers. Your doctor can help decide if this would work for you.

Moe M.

I have moderate to severe asthma. I was diagnosed when an infant. I have always had mild wheezing which initially lead drs to believe that I didn’t have asthma. As I’ve aged I have learned that while I only have mild wheezing I have severe coughing.  At first no one correlated the coughing to asthma. My severe coughing led to inability to breathe well, and many hospital stays. Even today my wheezing is mild but my pulmonologist recognizes the signs and stays on top of it before I wind up in a hospital. So while I am not fond of taking steroids if I want good quality of life then I must take them. At the first sign of an attack coming on I do what I can to thwart it. It is time-consuming making sure I'm away from triggers. What I can control I do, I use scent-free detergents, deodorant, bath wash, etc. However, I can't control those around me who wear perfume or use strongly scented fabric softeners. I usually stay away from them, which means I miss out on potentially great relationships. I have had to leave celebrations because of the scents. I am, Hispanic.

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