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Hi @JadesJourney,

Welcome to AAFA's support community.  That's great that Jade finds ways to make things work.  It would be great if you could join the discussion on our asthma support forums and introduce yourself.  Tell us about the masks Jade uses. 

Jen - environmental allergies, eczema

DH - environmental and drug allergies

DD1 - peanut allergy, environmental and drug allergies, eczema

DD2 - environmental and drug allergies, eczema

DD3 - environmental and drug allergies, eczema

DS - eczema


Jade has dealt with food and environmental allergies since she was first diagnosed at 9 months old.  Now, 7 years old, despite the many hospital visits, the daily routine of medications, the limited time outdoors, and the missed birthday parties due to allergies, she is a warrior!  She helps bake her own "JadeSafe" foods, carries her own medical bag, and loves her new VogMasks that allows her to spend more time outdoors and with friends.  

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