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Everyone needs to exercise, even people with asthma! But exercise can sometimes trigger asthma episodes. With proper prevention and management, you should be able to exercise free of symptoms.

Rashad Jennings, New York Giants running back, Dr. Neeta Ogden and a team of kids who live with asthma joined us to inspire others to stay healthy and active.

They share the steps to take to prevent asthma attacks and manage asthma before, during and after exercise:

Our #TackleAsthma campaign for asthma awareness month includes shareable public service announcements and a downloadable playbook guide on how to exercise safely. Visit for more resources and information.

"In a weird way, asthma has made me a better player. Because of it, I had to fight even harder to get where I am today at 31 years old. You can tackle asthma, too." - Rashad Jennings, running back for the New York Giants

It's Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month! We will be sharing infographics, guides and videos to help raise awareness about these conditions. By joining our community and following our blog, you will receive up-to-date information on how to manage your condition. Our community also provides an opportunity to connect with other patients who manage these conditions for peer support.


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