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This blog post is part of our series on the Promoting Asthma Patient Engagement in Research (PAPER) project. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of asthma and research and to increase patient participation in research.

When you hear about medical research, you probably hear about an organization called the NIH. The NIH is the United States’ medical research agency. It is also one of the top medical research agencies in the world.

What Is the NIH?

NIH stands for National Institutes of Health. As the nation’s medical research agency, it makes important discoveries to improve health and save lives. Thanks in large part to NIH-funded medical research, Americans today are living longer and healthier. The NIH invests nearly $32.3 billion annually in medical research for the American people.

It is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is made up of 27 institutes and centers that each focus on a different area. These areas often focus on specific diseases or systems of the body. Its funding comes from the U.S. Congress. Most asthma research funding and initiatives come out of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Why Is the NIH Important?

The NIH’s goal is to be a leader in research to improve health, society and medical knowledge. It wants to support research to develop new treatments and improve quality of life. But they also want to share information that can help patients, health care providers and caregivers.

The NIH is a source of valuable and reliable health information for everyone. There are many sources that may not share accurate information. Following inaccurate medical advice could lead to uncontrolled asthma and poor health. But the NIH is one of the leading medical health and research organizations in the world. It can provide you with helpful information on asthma, as well as information on current research you can discuss with your doctor.

Why Should I Be Involved in Asthma Research?

When research is centered on you, the patient, it is more effective. Treatments and medicines can be better targeted to your symptoms, needs and challenges. If you want to get involved in patient-centered research, staying informed about studies and research from a reliable source like the NIH is a great place to start.

Participate in the PAPER Project to Shape the Future of Asthma Research.

Be a part of patient-centered research to shape research and treatments that can impact the lives of millions of Americans with asthma. Participating is simple. Watch our collection of 11 short videos on understanding asthma and asthma research. Then take short surveys after each one to give us your feedback.

Together, we can influence the future of research and treatment for better quality of life for those with asthma!


This project is funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), contract #2207-AAFA.

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