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Hi, Nancy, I hear you on how expensive it can be to afford the meds you need to breathe. AAFA has a Patient Assistance Page listing several programs that may help you. Are you on a commercial or employee based insurance? Or are you on Medicare?

Also, generic versions of Advair have been approved:

Can you talk to your pharmacist to see if this generic might be available for you? It could save you a little money.  

And definitely check out AAFA's asthma support community -- community members are great at sharing tips that can help you afford your medications!


I use Advair 250/50 to control my asthma. The cost of this inhaler, even  the generic one is over a hundred dollars. By the time rent , recurring bills and food are paid for I’m lucky to afford 5 of my 7 medications let alone all 7! Prices are out of control! Pricing for drugs must be affordable. I have gone months without my asthma medication and it is very scary!

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