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Hi, Nancy, I hear you on how expensive it can be to afford the meds you need to breathe. AAFA has a Patient Assistance Page listing several programs that may help you. Are you on a commercial or employee based insurance? Or are you on Medicare?

Also, generic versions of Advair have been approved:

Can you talk to your pharmacist to see if this generic might be available for you? It could save you a little money.  

And definitely check out AAFA's asthma support community -- community members are great at sharing tips that can help you afford your medications!

Nancy, welcome to the AAFA forums! 

Have you looked into Medication Savings Programs?

During your asthma appts, have you talked with your doctor about samples?


Grace: seasonal allergies, asthma

Josh: allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, asthma

Bekah: allergic to most foods, currently eating peaches, pears, apples and bacon, asthma, g-j tube fed, portacath for hydration

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I use Advair 250/50 to control my asthma. The cost of this inhaler, even  the generic one is over a hundred dollars. By the time rent , recurring bills and food are paid for I’m lucky to afford 5 of my 7 medications let alone all 7! Prices are out of control! Pricing for drugs must be affordable. I have gone months without my asthma medication and it is very scary!

Nancy G Weiner

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