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K8sMom2002 posted:

She IS a champ! What sort of accommodations does her school give her to help her manage her asthma? That would be a great new topic to start on our Asthma Support community, by the way!

And if you need more help with school issues, our sister site, Kids With Food Allergies, has a school planning center that can help parents managing food allergies and/or asthma

The school has a para assigned to her in the classroom. They follow her asthma plan to the T. Text me frequently. Check her pulse ox all the time (she has one she carries with her). Keep her out of physical activity when needed. They don't really give her any other accomodations. Not sure what they could. I agree that's a great idea. Not sure what is available. I know the school is very supportive.

She doesn't have any allergies. She has had numerous allergy panels and they have checked her ige levels during admits to see if the numbers are high but have discovered her numbers are oddly very low. No one knows what her triggers are. It's why her asthma is so uncontrolled. She sees an asthma/allergy specialist, a pulmonologist, an endocrinologist  (to see if the constant steroids they put her on have impacted the functioning of her adrenal glands), and an asthma plus team  (for severe allergy cases). This doesn't include her urologist for her other issues she deals with. This kid is a hot mess.

Payton's Mom
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