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They went well - Wahoo! Flights are so nerve wracking. We have only flown Southwest and since we have had good experiences, it has become our preferred airline. The first flight, there were a handful of people pre-boarding with us because they had peanut allergies too. Our second flight, the pilot told me that our previous flight also had a peanut allergy passenger so they did not serve peanuts on the flight before us. Southwest did not serve peanuts and since we were able to pre-board, I was able to clean our area really well. I brought two boxes of chocolate chip Made Good bars for the kids to eat during take off and while landing. 

My sincere apologizes @K8sMom2002 for the delay in getting back to you! Oh, they have been on big adventures this summer. We flew across the country to visit their great grandparents and grandparents! (It was our first time in 3 years that we were able to make a trip back to our "hometown" in Michigan). We then drove to Canada to get him and big brother some safe snacks! Went orange picking, bike rides, walks, and at home learning lessons. 


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  • The adventures of a boy and his pig continued..
  • Safe treats from Canada - priceless!
  • They play video games together
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