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This blog post is the final post of our series on the Promoting Asthma Patient Engagement in Research (PAPER) project. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of asthma and research and to increase patient participation in research.

Asthma research methods have been changing during the past several years. Research is more effective when researchers and patients work together to better understand asthma and find new treatments. At the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), we feel your voice is valuable in asthma research. We support efforts to help you be an active part of the future of asthma management and treatments.

Get Started in Asthma Research Through the PAPER Project

Have you ever thought about participating in an asthma research program but weren’t sure how? One way you can get started in asthma research is by participating in our PAPER project. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of asthma and to increase patient participation in research. It’s a simple way to get involved from your own computer or mobile device. Scroll down and watch the video below. Then take a short survey. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

After you complete the PAPER project, consider some other ways to be a part of asthma research:

Join AAFA’s Online Community for Asthma and Allergic Diseases. Become a part of our community to receive support while managing asthma and allergies. We’ll also keep you informed about surveys and research studies that you might qualify for. 

Take our Patient Engagement in Research Survey. Fill out our interest survey. Based on your answers, we will match you with research opportunities that include:

  • Becoming an advisor on important research, working side by side with AAFA, scientists and/or researchers
  • Reviewing content
  • Pilot testing research
  • Joining research studies (including clinical trials)

Join a clinical trial. Clinical trials are led by doctors and researchers to test new medicines and medical approaches. These must be tested before they can be approved for the public. You can advance asthma research by participating in clinical trials.

Read our other posts about asthma research:

Watch our video on Understanding Research and give us your feedback.

Participate in the PAPER Project to Shape the Future of Asthma Research.

Be a part of patient-centered research to shape research and treatments that can impact the lives of millions of Americans with asthma. Participating is simple. Watch our collection of 11 short videos on understanding asthma and asthma research. Then take short surveys after each one to give us your feedback.

Together, we can influence the future of research and treatment for better quality of life for those with asthma!


This project is funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), contract #2207-AAFA.

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